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for the targeted killing of americans. the obama administration secrecy around the drone program is expected to be a top issue at this week's confirmation hearing of white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan to the director of the cia. brennan has been dubbed by critics to be obama's assassination czar. joining us now is jameel jaffer , deputy legal director of the aclu. you have looked at the white memo. this is something you have it asking for for quite some time. talk about its significance. go with it -- through it with us. >> it is a remarkable document and something everybody ought to read in the sand like everyone should read the torture memos from the last in ministration. it professes to set out the power the government has to carry out the targeted killings of american citizens who are located far away from any battlefield, even when they have not been charged with a crime, even when they do not present any imminent threat in any ordinary network. it is the pri's sweeping powers set out in the memo purports to provide a legal test vacation for that power and explain why the
those movements. he used them to get legislation passed to initiate programs. obama is still getting on his wet suit. to read the essay she wrote in 2008, there was a sense of exhibits -- exuberance. you say that hope is not optimism that expects things to turn out well. it seems like he confused those two things. >> i will come back to what i write about in the book. the expectations were so great and high. go back to 2008. the back to the election and year when we are fortunate region were fortunate enough to be living with debates that were not cruel reality shows. every week, there were debates among the democratic candidates. barack obama embodied change. it seemed he brought into politics a generation of young people and minorities who never thought of the electoral system as a vehicle for change. so many people saw in him the possibility of change that would come quickly. my sense is that it is so corroded that we need to take back a government that has been rigged against working people, ordinary people, the poor. we need to understand it will take more than one election cycl
democrat and republican said we are in favor of robust worker programs. president obama's remarks in las vegas did not mention the guest worker program at all. in 2007 he voted for the union backed amendments to get the guest worker program that helped contribute to immigration reform. the third issue, and this is a big one, the speed and difficulty of a path to agreed and eventually citizenship for any of the undocumented aliens who want to go down that path. the gang of 8 interestingly enough democrat and republican said we want solar more difficult. the president's body language not a specific proposal because he hasn't offered one but the body language sounds like faster and easier. here's the one that is not being paid much attention to right now but there's an underlying battle between if you will roughly business community especially high-tech and other groups, particularly the catholic church over how much immigration should be based upon skill and merit with the business community saying look, if you graduate from american university with science or technology or engineering or
-violent programs it sport non-violent lives. and just as he must continue to be a healthier city. less than one year our adults will receive health care thanks to president obama and nancycy pelosi. we have a long-standing healthy program and the new international law will extend the program to 3 b thousand san franciscans. and just as we must keep getting health care and pension reform define we must address the challenge of the unfunded liability area. we're beginning to make progress but we must development a more responsible approach to providing health care to our retired city employees >> and know that together our partners in labor will address this the san francisco way to son sense once in a while. and finally, we must rebuilt our st. louis hospital in the mission. they're the priors of critical health deliver as well as major employers. members of the board have taken a strong leadership role working with my office to bring a proposal back to the community that delivers jobs and most importantly critical health care for our city were we're going to get it done. and that brings me arr
program and the obama administration's legal justification behind the use of such efforts against al qaeda suspects. a new 16-page memo copy of which was obtained by nbc news offers fresh insights into this controversial practice including the killing of american citizens overseas if they're believed to be senior operational leaders of al qaeda or an associated force. even if there's no intelligence indicating they're engaged in an active plot to attack the united states. >>> such a strike, of course, took place in yemen in september 2011 killing two operatives. both of them were american citizens who hadn't been indicted by the u.s. government or charged with any crimes. in the past, attorney general eric holder has spoken publicly about the administration's three main pcriteria for justifying a legal strike against a u.s. citizen overseas. they must pose an imminent threat of violent attack, capture is infeasible and the operation must be squint law of war principles. but this newly obtained memo elaborates further. i states u.s. officials may consider whether an attempted capture would
questions about the targeted killings. as one of the chief architects of the controversial obama program, he's defended the program in the past. >> we conduct targeted strikes, because they are necessary to mitigate an actual ongoing threat, to stop plots, prevent future attacks, and to save american lives. >> now, a bipartisan group of senators led by democrats wants to see a classified version of this document. there is a classified legal opinion, they believe there's more information in there they want to review. they say if they do not get it, some of the nominations for national security officials, perhaps even brennan's, maybe held up in the senate. wolf? >> all right, barbara, thank you. later this hour, we'll have a major debate on the president's policies on these drones' so-called kill list, including the killing of americans. that's coming up later this hour. kate balduan is here. you've got some new details on what happened 24 hours ago, almost exactly. >> on that amazing rescue and the amazing ending to that dramatic alabama hostage situation. we now know that law enforcement of
program is something that has been, the bush administration and the obama administration say are authorized by the authorization of use for military force that s paed by coress. and the way that the obama administration is using that is that they're dropping bombs, targeting for killing of terrorist suspects in countries in which we are not at war, including yemen, including pakistan, including places in africa. there is no legal authority for these types of drone attacks. the u.s. cannot drop bombs on people in places that they cannot send troops. it is a mechanism, i think in my view, a political mechanism that says, "it is so much easr to talk about how the warare over anwe're brinng tops me d that we're not putting more troops in harm's way by dropping bombs" there's no legal authority for that. there's no judicial oversight for how they determine who they're going to kill and who they don't want to kill. there's a -- right after 9/11, there was this kill list, there were approximately nine people, al qaeda operatives that the military, the c.i.a. said that they wanted to
. beautiful. >> please. >> that is very sweet. >> sean: peace and love on the hannity program. will the obama administration admit the interrogation methods that was implemented by george w. bush, that is what led us to bin laden. we'll check in with liz cheney and frank luntz will play for you our favorite superbowl ads. what high profile commercial landed at the bottom and what at the top of mine. plus we are expecting a police press conference as the hostage standoff in alabama, five-year-old boy has now been saved, his kidnapper is dead and we are waiting on a press conference right here on hannity. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ]
w. bush and his time as the face of the drone program under president barack obama. one of the senators who sits on the intelligence committee is going to get a chance to question john brennan is oregon democrat ron wyden, who is a bit of a contrarian on the issues. he recently wrote a letter to john brennan asking for answers of his own about targeted killing and why it's justified and how it's justified. the questions themselves are so basic that they are almost more telling than some of the answers they could but probably won't receive. questions like, for example, how much evidence does the president need to determine that a particular american can be lawfully killed? also, this is one that sticks with me, does the president have to provide individual americans with the opportunity to surrender before killing them? sand are there any geographic limitations on the intelligence community's authority to use lethal force against americans. including can intelligence agencies kill people under this authority in the united states. could the cia or any other intelligence ag
to the commonwealth of california radio program. our guest is katrina vander huegen editor and publisher of "the nation." i watched you on colbert. he asked you to repudiate the obama three times before the cock crows. [laughter] >> he said at the end that i filibustered him. >> he went after you. >> one of the bright lights in the bush era was when he spoke of the white house correspondents' dinner. you rarely see someone in your face. it was at that moment when the country was -- it was really a rebuke to journalists. remember? >> i went on his show as a journalist. i was sweating. he explains from then on he will be in character. he said i am a person who has willful disregard for everything you believe in. [laughter] >> you kind of have to do a mindset check. it is very confusing. >> last year, the obama administration had a package of recommendations that appeared to be dead on arrival. why? >> examples-simpson? >> i am assuming. -- is that the bulls-simpson? -- simpson-bowles? >> i am assuming. >> i think there was pushed back in the right way. the commission was focused on cuts and not in
and other related programs. from what i can tell, you do not support it or talk about it very much. the tea party is advocating limiting national service. president obama campaigned to expand to 250,000. senator kennedy helped to pass the expansion. i was wondering what role "the nation" can play in helping to support the program. >> we've done a lot of work around expanding doctors into rural community centers. americorps is a good program. all of those should be supported. we have not done as much. there has been controversy at the magazine. i am more of a supporter of teach for america than my colleagues. they are good programs. >> what could we do collectively as the next up for occupy wall street? -- next step for occupy wall street? >> what is your main interest in the issues raised by occupy wall street? if it is money and politics, you should join with those who are occupying the supreme court, fighting in states for clean money reform, and fighting for an amendment strategy to overturn the citizens united decision, and fighting in elections to change the supreme court. >> what woul
're not talking about is we're not saying that we don't need reform or savings in our entitlement programs. we do. president obama has proposed $360 billion in savings in addition to the more than $700 billion in savings that added eight years of solvency to the affordable care act. we have those proposals on the table. we just don't want to do it the way the republicans do which is cut benefits to seniors particularly middle class seniors who can ill afford to endure those kinds of cuts and who don't have to. >> we're going to be watching this. we're three weeks away and this is extremely important to all americans. we're going to stay on this. congresswoman wasserman shultz, jared bernstein, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >>> america, this is what losing looks like. president obama has eric cantor rebranding the gop again. but he kind of sounds like someone else i know. >>> and one week from the state of the union we go inside the obama strategy to sell his agenda. >>> plus there are lots of ways to make change. actress and activist diane carroll is one of them. the first black wom
of the expansion of the targeted killing program under president obama, jenna. jenna: catherine, we should go bigger with this as well, shouldn't we? it is not just about this president or this administration but the question is what is it means in the future for what administration are to come. who else is objecting from this? >> reporter: aside from republicans and democrats in the senate including those who sit on the powerful intelligence committee, aclu, one of the president's traditional supporters on the left, said this lack of transparency was in direct conflict with the ruled of law. >> so it violates the very idea of having rule of law and then to have the architect of the whole program get a major promotion and be brought up for a cia director. senate intelligence committee and the full senate has to really ask some hard questions of mr. brennan. >> reporter: critics also point out that if the obama white house wants to build broad support for this program it would be in their interests to show more transparency as to the rules which govern targeted killings because targeting an am
classrooms to the pentagon and defense lie lockheed martin which announced hundreds of layoffs. mr. obama said damage can be stopped if john boehner accepts the white house's final offer from december, meaning up to $600 billion in more tax hikes through cutting deductions, and cuts to medicare and other programs. >> my healthcare proposals achieve the same savings by the beginning of the next decade as reforms that had been proposed by the bipartisan bowls simpson commission. >> republicans were not amused he added his event around the same time eric cantor delivered a speech. gop leaders were clear they want specific cuts and no new tax cuts. >> there's no greater moral imperative than to reduce the debt. >> white house officials have been specific, including about $350 billion in medicare cuts. when asked why the president did not meet the it will for unveiling his new budget for the third straight year, spokesman jay carney blamed republicans saying fiscal cliff talks delayed it. >> part of what the president talked about just in recent days is that we need to get beyond this situatio
gersh reports, president obama today asked congress to delay the cuts before the march 1 deadline. >> reporter: with $44 billion in spending cuts in defense and most other federal programs just weeks away, the president urged congress to pass a mix of spending cuts and tax increases to ease the immediate hit. >> there is no reason that the jobs of thousands of americans who work in national security or education or clean energy, not to mention the growth of the entire economy, should be put in jeopardy just because folks in washington couldn't come together to eliminate a few special interest tax loopholes. >> reporter: republicans dismissed the calls for more tax increases, and many argue the threat of the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester are the only way to force democrats to accept more spending cuts. but their leverage may be limited. >> i think we will have the sequester for a short period of time, probably until the first civilian employee of the government is furloughed, which might take about a week. and then, that pain may be enough to cause the people on ca
. president obama chose unless city because gun related injuries in the city are down 40%. that is credited at least in part for a series of youth programs. one thing the president wants is a universal background check saying they are common sense measures supported by the public. >>> some potential causes have been ruled out but officials still are not sure what caused more than half an hour blackout at this year's super bowl. the manager of the superdome says beyonce's high-powered half time show is not to blame. her crew brought their own generators. the stadium was not drawing any more power than it does during the saints game. concerns were raised about the months before the super bowl. that is according to documents released by the state board that oversees the facility. >> i think they're close getting closer to figuring it out. >> somebody is in big trouble. >>> coming up next, taking the bait. >> in a fox 5 investigation, we get behind wheel with police to find out more about a seemingly simple tactic they use to catch car thieves in their tracks. >> not a lot of sunshine in my for
on the program. thank you. >> thank you, chris. >>> just moments ago, senator lindsey graham released a statement, asking the obama administration to reconsider nominating chuck hagel for secretary of defense. still, hagel will probably be confirmed. yesterday, senator john mccain said he will not support a filibuster of his former senate colleague and democrats appear to have at least 57 votes to confirm hagel, including two republicans. first kid you ready? [ female announcer ] second kid by their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs. after thousands of diaper changes, they know what works. luvs lock away wetness better than huggies for a fraction of the cost live, learn, & get luvs. for a fraction of the cost when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership. >>> the politics now, where hillary
that this was the time to go after seven days. >> craig boswell, live in midland city, alabama. >>> president obama traveled to minneapolis to spotlight his hopes for new stricter gun laws. he chose that city because gun- related injuries are down 40% in minneapolis credited at least in part to a series of youth programs. still a tough sell to the staunchest supporters of gun rights. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. the vast majority of americans including a majority of gun owners support requiring criminal background checks for anyone trying to buy a gun. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals won't comply with it. they could care less. >> senate majority leader harry reid said he's willing to look at new laws and federal traffic regulations. he voted against the previous assault weapons ban and has a long pro gun record. >>> john kerry wasted no time getting to work. kerry says his new job is a huge honor with a heavy responsibility. over the weekend kerry called israeli prime minister and palestinian prime
and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: president obama made his first second-term foray outside washington today, with a call to stop gun violence. it was part of a campaign-style effort designed to goad congress into action. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> ifill: the president took that message to minneapolis, a city that's already imposed stricter background checks on gun buyers. the white house plan calls for those checks, a renewed ban on assault-style weapons and limits on high-capacity magazines for ammunition. >> the only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the american people decide it's important. if you decide it's important. if parents and teachers, police officers and pastors, hunters and sportsmen, americans of every background stand up and say, "this time it's got to be different." >> ifill: the obama administration has been working to build on public outrage sp
or otherwise took part in extraordinary rendition. the bush administration widely expanded the program after september 11th and it had been heavily criticized and condemned in the years since. when president obama came to office, his administration relied on diplomatic assurances that other countries were not torturing u.s. prisoners. but the osf report finds the decision offered no accountability and only helped continue the program. two more things, senators have signed on to repealing maryland's death penalty. john haskell and ronald young both democrats are supporting a bill abolishing capital punishment. democratic governor martin o'malley is backing the measure as well and this should give it more than enough votes to clear the chamber. more bill press is up after the break. stay with us. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >>
going along with spending programs, i do think he was trying to appease the democrats. i thought it was wrong then. when obama went into office, he upped the government agencies, doubled, tripled their budgets, and now you do not want to come to a fair and equitable conclusion. you want to say it is the revenue. how about all government agencies, all employees go to a flat $82,000 a year? -- $52,000 a year? thank you. guest: we could spend much more time talking about the economic situation george bush inherited. the fear was the united states would have no debt and wall street said that was a bad situation. that is why he gave away the tax breaks in 2000 when he came in. you want to keep a certain amount of debt in the economic system so that we can trade paper in other countries for borrowing money. that whole system was thrown off by the fact that two wars were not paid for and we did not pay for the tax cuts. they were given away as if we did not need them. it was part of the surplus. the business about going to $52,000, i am not sure why you would pick that number, but in a
: this letter signed by eight democrats and three republicans urges mr. obama to produce a highly classified memo that authorized the targeted killing program so that, quote, congress and the public can decide whether the president's power to deliberately kill american citizens is subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. asked about an unclassified draft memo first reported by nbc news, it argues the president has the right to target americans for death because of their leadership within al-qaeda such as the cleric you see here who was killed in september 2011. the attorney general said the administration was not citing the rule of law. when asked by fox news to explain the difference between an imminent and ongoing threat as described in the draft memo, holidayerholidayeholder resisteg details. >> some of these things are fact-based. i capture get into the weeds and examine these terms without having a reference to the facts, and i'm not in a position in this environment in a classified environment i can get more specific. >> reporter: critics charged the lack of transparency stan
russians on this since the outset of the obama administration. it has been very, very important. iran, the russians have worked with us very closely with respect to continuing and increasing the pressure on iran with respect to their nuclear program. >> rose: but are they still providing things for the iranians to build their nuclear, what they consider peaceful facilities? facilities devoted to peaceful production. >> the russians. >> of uranium. >> well, not production of-- you mean in terms of the production of nuclear reactors. >> yeah, they have contracts with iran with respect to that. with respe to e nuclear program that we are most concerned about, the russians have been a very close partner in terms of pressuring the iranians on the economic sanctions piece. now going forward which i think is where you wanted to get, with respect to president putin there was a lot of anti-american rhetoric during the course of the campaign. and there have been some actions taken by the russian government with which we disagreed. >> including adoption. >> including an adoptions and the role of
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)